Rachel & the Temples of Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)

Artist Statement & About Me

Traveling and a love for photography. My curiosity and love for travel has opened up a powerful yearning to explore more and more about the world around me, from the thrill of meeting new people, to the excitement of immersing myself within new cultures all the while experiencing history in the making. This passion and curiosity for travel has not only pushed me in the direction of earning a Masters of Arts degree in International Relations, but also it has created another love; a love of photography.

The wonderful power of photography. I believe photography parallels the third goal of the U.S. Peace Corps, which is “to help Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries… to promote world peace and friendship.” While looking through my camera’s view finder, I am able capture a brief moment in time. At times, this moment has the ability to stop time and transcend all thought, imagination, and ideas. It has the power to bring together polar opposites who may, for just this brief moment in time share the same awe, beauty, and inspiration that this one image alone possesses. This photograph may be of a child in a remote countryside, a young Buddhist Novice, a Maasai Junior Elder, a street vendor in a major bustling city, or the remains of a village. It may not be the photograph itself that inspires, but what the story of the photograph is and what it tells you, deep in your heart, and one hopes, your soul. It is true, not all photographs hold this one kernel of truth, but when you are able to capture this truly wonderful moment, it leaves the viewer utterly speechless.

Photography is about the story and you are the listener. The medium of photography allows me to expand my journey from just a solo traveler to that of a journey that includes both the storyteller and the listener. Please, come and journey with me through my travels and photography to see the world like you have never seen it before. Hopefully, this trip will change your life.

More about me. I have over four years of combined experience studying, living, working, volunteering, and traveling overseas. I was 14 years old when my love for adventure and international travel was first sparked. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with my parents to Greece in search of a little mountain village, overlooking the Aegean Sea where my great-grandfather had been born in the late 1800’s. What we found was a small village called Zagora and from this point on, I was hooked. I have done many things, in many different parts of the world in my life so far. I was a graduate student and a barmaid in Oxford, England; I was an international volunteer in Costa Rica; I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in The Republic of Moldova; and I was a mentor to counter-parts in Mozambique on a project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). To date, I have now traveled to over 48 different countries and semi-autonomous territories and regions, on six different continents and counting...